B+H replicates geological stratification for facade of archival facility

Architect: B+H Architects
Location: Gatineau, Quebec
Completion Date: May 2022

At the end of 2022, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) unveiled a new archival facility and library in Gatineau, Quebec, to provide additional storage and security for the country’s national collections. Situated near the LAC’s original Preservation Centre, the new complex, designed by B+H Architects, is the first net-zero carbon archival facility in the Americas. Temperature, humidity control, and flood prevention were all considerations when designing the building’s exterior enclosure.

The new building connects to the original Preservation Centre via a pedestrian corridor. The expressed structure of the Preservation Centre is contrasted by the solid concrete guise of the new facility. Rotating the new facility 45 degrees reduced wind loads while maintaining the view and natural light available on the fifth floor of the existing building.

The new archival facility sits at a 45 degree angle behind the original Preservation Centre. (Courtesy B+H Architects)