Bronze and its architectural applications represent, today, the core business of Astec, which was born in 1983 in the Veneto Region of Italy. With nearly 40 years of experience in the international building industry, Astec is a world-wide leader in the various applications of bronze or copper alloys in buildings. From elegant fenestration to even more elaborate architectural expressions including curtain walls, facades, cladding, staircases, railings or any architectural detail in noble metals, Astec is the one-stop-shop for architects and engineers who embrace the past and the present with a view to creating timeless monuments in urban and rural communities. Quality Italian craftsmanship, in-depth knowledge of the materials used and continuous research in metal fabrication consolidated into nearly forty years of experience have all contributed to an increasingly exclusive product range that has grown in scope to include all sorts of interior and exterior architectural details in a wide range of warm colors and finishes, designed to meet exclusive standards and specifications. Architectural bronze building elements and other metal fabrications by Astec contribute beauty, elegance, luxury, durability and versatility to any world-class project. #doitinbronze


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