How-To Guide

Thanks to the Hopin platform, we have been able to keep all the elements of our event experience in one place.

Check out our practical guide on how to get the most out of Facades+ Online by familiarizing yourself with all the functionalities the Hopin platform has to offer.

Facades+ Online Video Tutorial

How do I access the Facades+ Online Hopin?

You can access Hopin with a press of a button. You will receive an email on our behalf from Hopin ( just like the one below.

After clicking the “Go To Event Page” button, a new browser window or tab will open with the Facades+ Online Reception that gives you an overview of the event. From here you can access all other sections of the platform – Stage, Sessions, Networking and Expo.

Important: For the best Facades+ Online Hopin experience, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Navigating the Event


Facades+ Online Stage is where you get to watch the panels and CE Strong sessions during the event. The agenda is available in the event Reception description and here.



In this section you will find all the workshops and networking sessions. Check the agenda of all sessions in the event Reception description and here.

In sessions with multiple people, double-clicking on a specific screen allows you to enlarge it and bring it into focus. Each session has a session chat (separate from the event-wide chat) where you can interact with the session speakers.



The booths in the Expo is where you get to meet the Facades+ Online exhibitors. Be sure to click “Share Audio and Video” in the upper-right corner to interact with the booth presenter.


Chat, Polls and People tabs

In all sections of the Hopin platform there are three tabs on your right-hand side.

The Chat tab allows you to send messages visible to all participants of the event. In the sessions and booths you can switch to the chat visible only in the Session or Booth you are participating in. The Chat tab is also where you will see occasional important messages from the organizers popping up.

The Polls tab is where we will be asking you for your feedback during the event using live polls.

The People tab lists all participants that have joined the event. You can send a direct message to any participant by clicking on their name.

Look for the red dot ( • ) on each respective tab. This indicates new activity within the chat, a new poll, or when you have a new direct message.


What browsers are compatible with Hopin?

Hopin works best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge. We also recommend closing all other browser tabs and windows while in the event.

What if my browser freezes while in the event?

Refresh your browser window. We have found it might take a couple refreshes to take effect.
Tip: Mac: shift + command + R / Windows: control + F5

How do I move around Facades+ Online Hopin?

You can access all sections (Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo) of the platform by clicking the menu items on your left-hand side.

How can I interact with the speakers in the Stage section?

You can always ask a question in the event chat on your right-hand side. The speakers might not have the time to answer all questions so you can always try to catch them off-stage by sending them a direct message. (Tip: filter speakers under the “People” tab on the right side panel)