Park Associati implements a terra-cotta–colored facade for a Milan office building

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Architect: Park Associati
Milan, Italy
Completion Date: 2022

During the first part of the 20th century, Bicocca was a hub of industrial activity. Pirelli, the Italian tire manufacturer, located the bulk of its production within the district. After the flight of manufacturing from the area during the 1970s and 80s, Pirelli initiated a campaign to revitalize the area establishing a Bicocca campus of the University of Milan and developing medical facilities including a hospital and research campus.

Open 336 blends in with the industrial character of the neighborhood while simultaneously participating in its revitalization as a place for white collar labor, real estate, and education. (Nicola Colella)

Built on a previously undeveloped lot, Open 336 makes use of the longitudinal site by locating entrances within the middle of the plan, opening up two large passageways for pedestrians to move through the building and approach it from either side. The entrances are constructed from large spans of glazing and feature wall gardens. The office floors above are expansive and open and partitions allow for customizable programs. Each floor includes a small terrace area, culminating in a large rooftop garden.

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