AN.ONYMOUS installs irregularly-patterned brick on facade of a medical clinic

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Architect: AN.ONYMOUS
North Richland Hills, Texas
Completion Date:
January 2022

In North Richland Hills, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth, L.A.-based firm AN.ONYMOUS has been commissioned to design three new buildings across a three-acre medical campus. In January 2022, the firm completed work on the first of these buildings: the Northstar Dermatology Clinic.

The 9,000-square-foot office building was designed with the aid of digital simulation tools. Using models created in Pedestrian Dynamics and AnyLogic, AN.ONYMOUS augmented the project’s floor plan to maximize circulation efficiency. The result of this design schema is a floor plan consisting of two offset rectangular spaces which overlap one another.

The building’s two overlapping rectangular volumes are offset one another, maximizing circulation efficiency. (Courtesy AN.ONYMOUS)

Due to the irregularities imposed by the offset forms, the interior partitions and hallways—which divide examination rooms, offices, and reception areas—are organized in an octagonal fashion instead of a traditional square floor plan. The octagonal layout, which arranges offices and examination rooms around the nurse’s station in the center of both of the building’s rectangular wings, allows optimal circulation between the two respective areas.


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Project Specifications

An earlier version of the design was developed by AN.ONYMOUS in collaboration with Spinagu.