Avenier Cornejo architectes wrap a Parisian nursing home in brick

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Parisian firm Avenier Cornejo architectes’ restructuring and extension of the Sara Weill-Raynal Nursing Home uses a Kolumba brick facade to reclad the original structure. The city-run Centre d’Action Sociale de la Ville de Paris (CASVP) program, whose goal is “to improve the quality of care facilities across Paris,” completed the senior care accommodation last month.

Elevation drawing
Elevation of the expanded building, including setbacks on the fifth and sixth floor to meet code requirements. (Courtesy Avenier Cornejo)

Renovations on the facility, which contains 94 residences, became necessary as living conditions needed upgrading, and provided an opportunity for more square footage for residences and a program that would better suit the needs of caretakers. Setbacks on the fifth and sixth floors allowed for a 4,950 square foot addition—compliant with local building codes—without expanding the building’s footprint into the garden. Avenier Cornejo also sought to “establish a sense of programmatic coherence and urban legibility,” according to partners Christelle Avenier and Miguel Cornejo, particularly given the street’s density and site constraints. 

Brick facade and accessible garden
The garden was design to meet the accessibility needs of residents. (Charly Broyez)

The design team centrally located dining spaces, leaving them open to circulation areas to encourage social interaction outside of the residences. Living quarters were “ergonomically” designed, with spaces optimized to ensure residents receive the best care possible. Rooms are also exposed to ample natural lighting, with sunshades providing privacy without isolating occupants from the outside. A courtyard garden contributes a quiet space for residences while meeting a range of mobility needs, and does not border the street.