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Mark Cavagnero Associates’ media arts building adapts to microclimate

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An amalgamation of glass, concrete, and steel coalesce to form the George and Judy Marcus Hall for the Liberal and Creative Arts, a single, virtuous structure comprising several boxy volumes at San Francisco State University. San Francisco– and Paris-based Mark Cavagnero Associates paid careful attention to the Bay Area’s temperamental microclimate when designing the 75,000-square-foot academic facility, occupied by the university’s Broadcast and Electronic Communications Arts Department.

Programmatically, the building has a lot to offer: multidisciplinary classrooms, high-definition and 4K broadcasting studios, sound studios, editing suites, and a 100-seat viewing venue. These demands tasked the design and engineering team with creating responsive spaces with strong acoustics and privacy that also promote openness and transparency.

concrete volume and white aluminum volume
The architects chose concrete and lightweight aluminum for their durability against the elements and soundproofing qualities. (Henrik Kam)