Casa Quattro is clad almost entirely with cork panels (Courtesy LCA Architetti)

Casa Quattro answers the call for sustainability with wood, straw, and cork

Italian architect Luca Compri designed a barn-sized home in the quaint town of Magnago, Italy, made of materials you may not expect. Set against a lush backdrop, the house is composed of wood, rice straw, and most curiously, cork. This cork board is far from tacky, however, and hoped to answer the client’s desire for

Expanded screen filters light in Florentine company’s headquarters

The newly completed VoipVoice headquarters, located in the Empoli region of the Florentine countryside in Italy, is part of a research program aimed at reactivating industrial areas which witnessed a decrease in construction due to the building industry crisis. The project, designed by Pisa-based LDM.iMdA architetti associati, breaks the boundary between private and public spaces