Valmont Structures


Since 1956 Locker, a Valmont company, has been an industry leading provider of perforated and expanded metal, woven wire, wire mesh and curtains. While initially we serviced the industrial sector, the architectural market has grown into one of our key areas of operation. We’ve developed our specialized range of metal products to meet the needs of architects designing facades, balustrades and weather screens, as well as interiors and specialized features.

It’s not just our range of products that we supply, however. As specialists in creating unique metal design solutions, we are always pushing the envelope. Not merely in terms of getting new and improved products to market, but also in our ability to create custom solutions. While our products are hugely flexible in how they can be customized to highlight and enhance existing design features – we also pride ourselves on our ability to produce one-off items.


28800 Ida St
Valley, NE 68064
T: 941.402.3554