W&W Glass expands with its own Glass Engineered Solutions

(courtesy W&W Glass)

W&W Glass is expanding their market by offering their own Glass Engineered Solutions. Following the closing of Pilkington Architectural’s Planar™ system production in the United Kingdom at the end of 2021, W&W will be expanding their portfolio in order to offer “larger structurally glazed solutions with greater flexibility.” W&W will honor Pilkington’s warranty on existing manufactured products, and move forward with the production of their own high-quality glass systems.

Jeff Haber, managing partner at W&W, says that the company wants to be the first stop for customers interested in glass system engineering. Building on over 40 years of work with expert manufacturers, he is confident W&W’s new Glass Engineered Solutions will meet enhanced performance requirements, increasing their comprehensive systems portfolio.

Haber says that W&W sees its customers as “family,” and will maintain rigorous quality standards while its new Glass Engineered Solutions will allow designers to achieve innovative designs. Glass systems for ongoing projects will be engineered by an in-house team, and W&W assures that, in working directly with architects, designers, and contactors, all current projects will be completed on schedule.