EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL promises daylight and thermal performance

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Eleanor Boathouse (William Zbaren Photography)

Exterior Technologies (EXTECH), a Pittsburgh-based wall systems firm, promises both increased daylight and thermal performance with its LIGHTWALL 3000 curtain wall series.

The LIGHTWALL is marketed as a highly flexible curtain wall system, able to be outfitted with both insulated glass units and cellular polycarbonate glazing. In a statement, Extech’s Director of Development Kevin Smith states that this flexibility “is accomplished by using deep glazing pockets, low-friction gaskets and controlled gasket pressure that allow for the thermal movement of polycarbonate, while still providing superior water and air infiltration resistance.”


The nearly 40 percent recycled aluminum frame can also be rapidly assembled. In projects such as the construction of a new hangar at Du Page Airport and a clerestory for Los Angeles’ Leo Baeck Temple, EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL was installed within a two-week time frame.

While the LIGHTWALL is mass manufactured for quick assembly, the curtain wall is also customizable. Details such as vertical mullions, aluminum caps, colors and opacity, can be individualized for each project.

In addition to their curtain wall system, EXTECH also provides interlocking (LIGHTWALL 3440) and long-spanning wall systems (LIGHTWALL 3100LS).