WEISS/MANFREDI’s new building for Tulane makes the most of clear glass

For The Commons, Tulane University’s new campus hub, WEISS/MANFREDI designed a glass facade that avoids clichés despite using some conventional materials. The angular, building shimmers in the New Orleans light, its mirrored surface broken up by chunky stripes and iridescent hues. It’s hardly a typical glass box, but the building’s distinctive look belies its use of a humble material:

Pelli Clarke Pelli designs a snaking business complex for Tulane University

Facade ManufacturerViracon, YKK AP America. Inc, DeGeorge Glass Company, Performance Architectural Inc. Architects Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Facade Installer Broadmoor LC Facade ConsultantsPelli Clarke Pelli Architects LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana Date of Completion2018 SystemGlass curtain wall with thermal sunshades and light shelves ProductsYKK thermal sunshades, Viracon glass hybrid Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects (PCPA) connected two preexisting buildings