A grey building with a corner lifted up, revealing a mirrored underside

MVRDV’s The Imprint mirrors and distorts its surrounding with glass fiber-reinforced concrete

In Paradise City, a new entertainment and hospitality complex in Seoul, South Korea, MVRDV was faced with a unique challenge: design two contextual, expressive buildings without any windows—one an indoor theme park and the other a nightclub. The two new structures, known collectively as The Imprint, share an architectural language and echo the design of the

Morphosis Architects’s Kolon One & Only propels a knotted cloud-like facade

Architects Morphosis Facade Contractors/Suppliers POSCO (Steel Curtain Wall), ALU EnC (Aluminum Curtain Wall), Korea Carbon (GFRP), Korea Tech-Wall (GFRC), Han Glass (Glass), Steel Life (Interior Liner) Facade Consultants Arup, FACO LocationSeoul, South Korea Date of Completion2018 SystemBrise-soleil system on the main, west-facing facade ProductsFiber reinforced polymer (FRP) using one of Kolon’s own high-tech fabrics, Aramid